Acne Prone Skin Routine Kit


Combine these 4 amazing products for a perfect routine for your acne prone skin type.

Purchase all 4 at a 10% discount to include:

  • Refresh Facial Cleanser
  • Refine Facial Toner
  • Advanced Facial Serum
  • Green Tea Daily Moisturizer

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Love It or Your Money Back!

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Your skin tends to break out from hormones, diet, and/or environment.  A skin care routine including anti-bacterial agents and salicylic acid will help reduce the frequency of breakouts.

Here are a few details from each product as to why they are perfect for your skin type needs:

Refresh Facial Cleanser – Vitamins C and E protect against cell damage while unclogging pores.

Refine Facial Toner – Removes water deposits, and balance your pH.  Also includes a natural salicylic acid to exfoliate and help prevent breakouts.  This amazing toner also clears and shrinks pores for a glowing youthful appearance.

Advanced Facial Serum –  Formulated with salicylic acid to help prevent breakouts. Active ingredients tighten and smooth skin’s surface.  With hyaloronic acid to increases hydrating benefits of your moisturizer to plump fine lines.

Green Tea Daily Moisturizer –  Naturally rich in antioxidants to promote healthy skin cells. Soothes stressed skin. Promotes health of collagen to maintain skin’s elasticity without clogging pores.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Love It or Your Money Back!


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